Defensive Firearms

Curious about Firearms but, truly, not sure where to start? We have the PERFECT solution.

When I wrote the Wrong Woman™ program, it was my goal to provide true integrated self defense education to women. In my view, that is the ONLY way that self defense should be taught. I went for integrated in every sense of the word. Unarmed, Armed, Behavioral and Intuitive.  The “armed” portion of program does include a course specifically developed  for our clients. Created by  Renowned Defense Firearms Trainer Rob Pincus, the “Introduction to Defensive Firearms Course” is the PERFECT place to start on your defensive firearms journey.

IDH is offered through I.C.E. Training and is taught separate from the Wrong Woman Courses.  There are courses being taught throughout the United States year round.  Check out available dates on the I.C.E. Training website. I have provided a direct link on the drop down under the “Firearms” heading.

Remember,  even if you are waiting for class training date, you can certainly learn a lot from the resources we offer here on the blog. Be sure to click the “Defensive Firearms” blog category for individual topics about women and firearms.

A College Student Working on Proper Trigger Control

Remember, when someone is looking for their next victim, make sure YOU are the Wrong Woman™!

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