Course Information

Wrong Woman™ Fundamentals Course
This is a dynamic and fun program that introduces participants to the core concepts of the program’s approach to being safer: Knowledge, Physical Skills, Trusting your Intuition and Choosing the Right Tools. The course is broken down into four parts:

◦Physical Skill Development & Using your Body Efficiently
◦Understanding the Risks
◦Trusting your Intuition
◦Understanding the Tools of Self Defense

In the first block, participants will development simple physical striking and close quarters defensive skills that could save them in a worst case scenario. In the next block, participants will learn about the risks that all women face and some of the ways in which their decisions and lifestyle choices can mitigate some risk factors. Understanding the risks and warning signs of a potential attack can aid you in Trusting your Intuition. The final block of instruction deals with understanding the strengths and limitations of potential defensive tools such as pepper spray, Tasers and even firearms. 4 hrs, $65.

Wrong Woman™ Level I Self Defense WIthin Two Arms Reach
Assaults against women happen in close quarters. Understanding how to use your body’s natural tools (elbows, fingers, thumbs, knees & teeth) to create distraction and disability in your attacker efficiently is the key to surviving & escaping these attacks against bigger & stronger men. This course picks up where the lessons of the fundamental course physical skills session left off and empowers the participant through the development of practical, and potentially devastating, techniques. 2hrs , $45.

Wrong Woman™ Electrical & Chemical Defensive Tools Course
Many women want to carry a non-lethal tool with them for personal protection but haven’t had a thorough education in the options or use of “pepper sprays” or Taser Devices. This 2 hr seminar, taught by a certified instructor, will give participants a complete understand of the capabilities of quality defensive chemical agents and the civilian version of the Taser. Participants will go through deployment simulations as well, gaining a clear understanding of their use. 2 hrs, $45.

Wrong Woman™ Introduction to Defensive Firearms
This exciting course takes place at a live fire shooting range and will introduce women to the fundamentals of defensive shooting as well as provide a simple overview of quality equipment choices. Recognizing that firearms will not be appropriate choices for everyone interested in being safer, this course was designed to educate students without pretending that a gun can solve every problem. Emphasizing firearms for home defense, this course also covers safe storage and quick access. This course taught by Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training Company. 4hrs, $100.

Wrong Woman™ Personal Risk Assessment & Intuitive Decision Making
This unique course will educate students about their risk factors for personal assault and delve into the processes through which humans recognize threats naturally. During this program, participants will conduct a Risk Assessment of their own lives and see where improvements to their safety can be made. Risk factors affecting all women as well as special circumstances will be considered. The Decision Making session could be the key to recognizing and avoiding potential problems by capitalizing on your intuition and ability to communicate and act effectively. 2 hrs, $45.

Wrong Woman™ Level II Self Defense WIthin Two Arms Reach, Grounded
This Level II unarmed self defense course will cover techniques for controlling or disabling an attacker while on the ground (or a bed, or couch, or in a car). Defending yourself while in contact is exactly what you’ll need to do in a worst case scenario assault and this course will give you a fundamental understanding of leverage & balance in those circumstances and teaches a few simple techniques that can allow you to get control of the situation and disable or escape your attacker. 2 hrs, $45.

Wrong Woman™ Advanced Home Defense Firearms Course
This live fire course is for women who have firearms in their home that want to be more prepared to use them efficient in a worst case scenario to protect themselves and their family. This program is a follow on to the Wrong Woman™ Introduction to Defensive Firearms and will cover both handgun and shotgun use. 6hrs, $150.

Wrong Woman™ Level III Self Defense WIthin Two Arms Reach, Striking
This very physical builds on the basics of striking covered in the Wrong Woman™ Fundamentals Course. While striking may not be your first defensive move, you can learn to deliver powerful and disabling strikes to end an assault and provide an opportunity for escape once you have created space and distracted your attacker. Participants will learn to generate speed & power while striking from a variety of positions, practice full force with padded targets and learn to strike actual people wearing impact reduction gear.

The Wrong Woman™ Recommended Fitness Program is currently in development!

As Participants progress through the levels of Wrong Woman™ Courses opportunities to train in more advanced techniques, related concepts and specialty programs will be made available!

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