About Kelly….

Kelly Muir has been involved in Martial Arts for over 30 years. Training since the age of 9, she holds a Master Level certification in both Shorin-Ryu Karate and Korean Tae Kwon Do. She was an Olympic Committee sponsored athlete until she opened her own Martial Art Training Center in 1992. A pioneering force in the development of curriculum for martial art centers, her innovative teaching style has been featured in many Magazines and industry journals. She is the author of Instructor Revolution, a book designed to help instructors become more effective at teaching children traditional martial art skills.

Film and Video Work:

Her desire to teach and educate others about martial arts and personal safety is evident in the nearly 25 year span that she has been filming instructional aides. She began using video as a tool for teaching in 1996 when she was one of first women contracted to film an entire instructional DVD series with Panther Productions. At the time, Panther was the leading instructional martial art video training company in the world. Her passion to teach and inform never stopped. As recently as 2011, she was featured in the Personal Defense Networks “Personal Firearm Defense ~ Unarmed Series.” Currently she is working on additional project with the Personal Defense Network that will highlight Video self defense “shorts” on the internet. Staying true to her pioneering spirit, Kelly recognized that some women may not choose to attend a self defense course that requires a large block of their time. They will, however, watch quick clips on safety – and then share them with others! These “shorts” will be featured on the Personal Defense Network website.


Kelly is a columnist for Black Belt Magazine (Better Business Column) and a contributor to the Personal Defense Network.

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