Ohhhhh, Beloved Chicago…..

Ohhhhh, Beloved Chicago…..

I check the AP for interesting headlines every morning – first thing. It seems as though, lately, there will be at least one headline that has something to do with personal defense, violent crime, firearms – or a like topic. Most of the time I just pass right over it; chalking most of what I read up to sensationalism rather than anything factually noteworthy.

This AM, however, I paused at the headline about one of my favorite cities on the planet.  Chicago. It’s beautiful, the people are wonderful, the downtown area is magnificent. And, yet, despite the fact that  the city has some of the most stringent firearm control laws in the country, they  can now officially be proud of  a homicide rate larger than that of NYC.  Of Course, this shouldn’t be surprising at all. Of the 10 cities that boost the highest homicide rates in the country, a large percentage of those cities are also well known for having extremely strict gun control laws. (Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, Phili)

Now, I am not one to get involved in politics. I am more interested in focusing on teaching  personal defense, however, it still stuns me that many people truly do continue to reach for stronger gun control to stem violent crime when, clearly,  guns aren’t the issue. Bad guys still get guns – regardless what law is on the books. If someone wants to talk about social reform, lack of educational resources, parenting, home life, economic disparity…I will listen to those arguments all day long. They are all valid. Blaming the “Gun”, thought? No.  The proof, once again, is in the pudding. Or – in this case, on the Streets of Chicago.  Law abiding citizens of  Chi-town….I love ya! I only wish your city government had your back.

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