Do You (Or…your wife, your daughter, your mom) Carry Pepper Spray? Then READ THIS.

Do You (Or…your wife, your daughter, your mom) Carry Pepper Spray? Then READ THIS.

I was recently at the IWA show in Germany and had the opportunity to catch up with some great folks in the personal defense industry. One of those was SABRE executive David Nance. I had the opportunity to speak with him at  the SABRE booth and discuss some of  their featured products.

One of the  products that really caught my eye was the “Practice Spray”.  Practice Spray is a HUGE topic during our Wrong Woman seminars. There is rarely a class that I give that does not have at least 3 or 4 women who actually have pepper spray with them at the class. Unfortunately, it is typically at the bottom of their purse…under the papers, the make up, the wallet, the receipts and God knows what else. Short Story? It is highly unlikely  (and I do mean HIGHLY unlikely) that they are going to be able to get to the pepper spray if they suddenly find themselves in a vulnerable or dangerous situation. If, by some miracle, they actually DO manage to get it in their hand, they have probably never actually used it and may not even be aware of how it works. That might sound silly, right? Not so much. The majority of the Pepper Spray products on the market do have safety features that need to be disabled before use and many of the women I work with have never practiced with them. In some cases, they didn’t even know they existed.

Speaking With David Nance at IWA in Germany. March 2013.

Speaking With David Nance at IWA in Germany. March 2013.

What does that have to do with SABRE’s product? EVERYTHING. They are now offering inert training models that customers can purchase in addition to their actual working unit. Is it going to cost a few extra bucks? Yes. A few. BUT – those few extra dollars could end up saving your life.

What do you do with it once you have it? Train. At Wrong Woman, we offer an entire training class on the use of pepper spray.  If you can’t get to a class – no worries. We would love to hang out with all of you but, sometimes, well, it just isn’t possible and we understand that. In that case,  purchase the practice spray and take the following steps:

#1) Where and How? Buy  your training unit and get to work on your own! Decide how, and when, you will carry it.  And, please, for the sake of the safety Gods, don’t just throw it in your purse and assume you will get back to it later. You won’t.

#2) When? Once you have established WHERE you will keep it, then practice when you will actually use use it. Yep – that is what the inert canister is for!  You can spray that thing anywhere you want.  Practice running through scenarios and see if you can actually get to the pepper spray and hit the intended target.

  • Some scenarios you may want to try:  Have someone grab you from behind, toss you to the ground, approach you from the front,  or simply startle you. It is important to see if you can actually use the darn thing.

#3) Evaluate Your Training Results: Are you hitting your target? Are you spraying yourself in the chaos? (Yup, that happens sometimes). Are you able to even get to it it at all? Evaluating your training with the inert canister is critical.  Not only will it allow you to make adjustments where necessary, it will provide the repetition to become familiar with the best ways to carry and deploy it.

IMG_0953 2

These practice canisters are the coolest thing since sliced bread, Starbucks coffee…or the cell phone. (Ok, well – maybe not all that…but you get my point.) If you are even thinking about getting some pepper spray, or giving it to someone you love,  get the practice containers FIRST.

Click Here to Get to SABRE’s Website

For more information about David Nance, please take a moment to check out his Bio at The Sheepdog Seminars Site. If you ever have a chance to attend a Sheepdog Events, Take It!

Alright – enough for the moment. Go Spray something!

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