The Wrong Woman™ Introduction to Defensive Firearms

The Wrong Woman™ Introduction to Defensive Firearms

Rob Pincus Discusses Firearm Options

When I wrote the Wrong Woman™ program, it was my goal to provide true integrated self defense education to women. In my view, that is the ONLY way that self defense should be taught. I went for integrated in every sense of the word. Unarmed, Armed, Behavioral and Intuitive. Many programs are very linear in their approach and while they may be somewhat effective, the material is often limited.

With the integration concept in mind, last week Wrong Woman™ offered it’s first “Women’s Introduction to Defensive Firearms”program. The course was taught by I.C.E Training founder Rob Pincus and one of his certified Instructors, Jamie Onion. They joined us in Zanesville, OH for a test run of what is sure to become one of the most popular programs offered by Wrong Woman™.

The class began with a “lecture” environment. The women listened intently as the instructors taught what I would refer to as “The ABC’s of Equipment”. While many first time shooters are told what to use, I wanted my graduates to be educated about what choices they had available to them.  Rob discussed the differences in semi-auto, long guns, revolvers, and shotguns. As he discussed each one, he also took the time to discuss the pro’s and con’s of each, the ammunition required, and the general performance capability of all of them.  Rather than it becoming a “this will work for you” session, it was a “here are your options” discussion.

 Within an hour, the women were headed to the range for some actual shooting. Wanting the students to broaden their experience, the instructors provided both revolvers and semi-auto handguns. (If you don’t know what those terms mean, you need to come to  class!) After discussing grip, ready position and the upcoming drills, it was time to fire the guns.

They started  with some basic shots that allowed everyone to hone their fundamental skills. In no time, the ladies were stepping up to the line to run drills. One shot, multiple shots, loading rounds into the guns, revolvers, semi-auto’s…it was all covered. To finish the course, the women were required to complete a drill that involved a gun safe. When their name was called, they had to run to the safe, open it, pick up the gun, load it, acquire the correct target and then shoot three times into the high center chest area of the target. Each woman successfully completed the drill in the required time frame. You better believe there was some serious celebrating going on in that group!

Shelby Working on Proper Trigger Control

As I watched the confidence level of each attendee grow, I was reminded why I created Wrong Woman™ in the first place. These ladies each walked away from the course with a better understanding of firearms, a safer approach to handling them, and an increased capacity to use them effectively in a defensive situation

While I was not surprised by the positive feedback of four of the woman, it was the fifth response that meant the most to me. One woman had agreed to attend but was admittedly not thrilled to be there. She had no desire to touch a firearm. They “frightened her” to such a degree that she would rather avoid them all together than take a course to familiarize herself with them. Thankfully, she is the wife of one of my closest high school friends and, together, we talked her into taking the class.

Realizing how hesitant she was, I was humbled that she would put such great faith in me and in the instructors teaching the class. True to her word, she was nervous. As a matter of fact, when she took the first shot, tears welled up in her eyes and she nearly dropped the firearm. The instructors were amazing at walking her through her fear and, using education and practice, put her at ease. The result? At the final “safe” drill, she outperformed every shooter by having the best grouping within the required time frame. She was quick, confident and accurate. After the course, I asked for her feedback. This was her (paraphrased) response:

I won’t tell you that I love guns. I won’t tell you they don’t make me nervous. I won’t tell you that I will run out and get a CCW. What I will tell you, though, is that now I am confident enough that in the horrible situation where I may be required to protect my family, I won’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to make sure my children and I are safe. Then, after a smile, she also added, “…And I am also going to tell my husband that I hate the revolver that is in our house and I want it replaced with a Glock.”

That made me smile! It wasn’t her choice of a glock over a revolver that made me smile;  it was the fact that she had an opinion on which she felt best suited her. I knew that we had really made a difference to her. It isn’t my intention to encourage women to run out and become the most frequent customer at their local gun shop. If they do, that is great – but that isn’t my goal. It IS my intention to expand their confidence and knowledge of defensive firearms. After hearing her response, I knew that we had done just that!

The Group Poses with Instructors Rob Pincus and Jaime Onion of I.C.E. Training.

A huge thank you to I.C.E. Training for their incredible instruction. We are already scheduling another Spring Class! Will there be more women who show up? Well, if the 30 inquires that I have sitting in my email inbox are any indication – Absolutely!

Remember, when someone is looking for their next victim, make sure YOU are the Wrong Woman™!


  1. Parabarbarian says:

    Replace? Maybe you should explain to her that firearms are not a one size fits all proposition.

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