Hitting the Road for Spring Break? Don’t Overlook These Reminders!

Hitting the Road for Spring Break? Don’t Overlook These Reminders!

For thousands,  Spring Break begins with travel! This time of the year the highways are PACKED with folks heading toward their “break”.
Many of them are teens – sometimes heading out all on their own to enjoy parties, sunshine and a week of fun.  Whether it’s you or someone you care about hitting the road, take a moment to read these few “travel” safety reminders before putting that car in drive.


1)  Have the car checked by a professional (a real one!) before leaving town!

2) Know your path! Though you may have a GPS, be sure to print hard copy directions as well.

3) Always make any hotel reservations for the trip before leaving. There is nothing that says “I am clueless” like having to venture from hotel to hotel looking for a place to stay halfway through a long trip. There is nothing as dangerous as doing so when you are already exhausted from driving.

4) While travelling, always keep valuable items secured out of sight.

5) Keep your ID, some cash and emergency phone numbers with you  at all times.

6) Cell Phone Tips: Yes, invest in a car charger. Yes, program all of your numbers in. No, do not rely on always having that phone available. Make sure you have hard copies of everything you may need your phone for. (Numbers, directions, hotel reservations, etc.)

7) Always keep extra water and some snacks stored in your car.

8)  Don’t advertise that you and your friends are travelling alone ~ and certainly don’t give details to strangers. (ex: Woohoo…we are heading to the Marriott in Daytona!)

9) Buy a AAA membership – they are still the best safety service out there! (Know where your card is too!) If something happens to your vehicle while you are driving (mechanical), always pull as far off the road as possible, put on your blinkers,  stay in your vehicle with the doors locked and call AAA. If you cannot call, and are not close to an exit, wait inside of your vehicle with the doors locked. Do not get out if another driver stops to offer help. Rather, slighty roll the window down and ask them to call the police. Again, do NOT get out of your car for anyone other than a confirmed  law enforcement officer AND if you have any concern about them –   call 911 to verify they are who they say they are .  (This is also why you want to have cell phone charged!)

10) Finally, purchase a Car Safety Kit.  AAA offers packages starting at $23. Not all car kits are equal. Look at what is inside of it before you purchase! If you aren’t certain what should be in there, check out my blog about personalizing car safety packs tomorrow!

Simply put, be prepared and be organized! As much fun as Spring Break travel can be…it can be an equally dangerous journey for someone who suddenly finds themselves in a bad situation they are not prepared for.  Even something small, like a flat tire or the loss of a cell phone can become a devastating event if not prepared for.

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